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You Gotta Roll Yo Self to Know Yo Self

Discover the art of self-massage and stress-reduction practices you can customize and use anytime, anywhere to feel calmer, centered and restored.

In this 2 hour workshop you will be guided through a series of Yin postures along with the use of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to explore areas of tension and sources of dysfunctional movement patterns from the ground up.

Starting with your feet, we address each major area of your body learning how to reduce or eliminate pain and prevent injuries. We will explore how connective tissues and unlocking fascial restrictions help to improve your mobility and stability.

This work is appropriate for everyone who has a willingness to learn about their body along with taking action to improve its function. Our integration of Functional Movement work, Yin postures and Yoga Therapy Ball work this day will be the body buffet you need!

EveryBODY is invited to this workshop: no prior yoga experience is necessary.

*Therapy Balls will be available for purchase that day. $10.00* [cash or venmo]

Investment: $30.00